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Bowed Strings Tuition

Bowed Strings Tuition

Bowed Strings Tuition has been Natalya’s main focus for years.

Bowed Strings Tuition is one of the main passions here at Allegro Music School, together with Piano Tuition, it creates the pillars on which our music school operates.

Bowed Strings Instruments

Bowed string instruments are a subcategory of string instruments that are played by a bow rubbing the strings. The bow rubbing the string causes vibration which the instrument emits as sound.

The most common bowed strings instruments are Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass.

Over the years, Natalya has helped unnumbered people teaching Violin Music Lesson and Viola Music Lesson. As part of the Bowed Strings Tuition, teaching violin and viola has been increasingly satisfactory.

The ABRSM provides a lot of information on the Bowed Strings Exams, a website worth checking.

From the musical posture, technique, site-reading, everything tailored to the most specific needs.

Aim of Natalya’s Violin Lessons are great fun, effectiveness, and strong commitment. She always wants to deliver on a single lesson everything that she can.