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Violin Music Lesson

Over the years, Natalya has helped unnumbered people teaching violin music lessons. From the musical posture, technique, site-reading, everything tailored to the most specific needs.

Violin Music Lesson

Aim of Natalya’s Violin Music Lessons are great fun, effectiveness, and strong commitment. She always wants to deliver on a single lesson everything that she can.

Indeed, the sound quality of a violin depends on many factors, the most important of which are: proper arrangement of the instrument relative to the body of the musician; fingering; correct bow grip.

Despite the complexity of the task, mastering the violin for a beginner is a feasible mission if professionals take up teaching violin music lessons to beginners. Age does not matter; the violin for an adult can be incredibly inspiring, and the process of mastering the performing arts will go as efficiently as possible.

If you have a sincere desire to learn to play the violin, you can get noticeable results for beginners in less than six months. However, only professional lessons by talented teachers can provide such efficiency.

This is exactly what the violin teachers at our music school are like – a creative approach to conducting classes allows them to literally work miracles. Violin lessons for beginners at the Allegro Music School: this is practically art.

Although there are few similarities between a Violin Music Lesson and a Piano Music Lesson, such as theory and posture, bowed instruments are naturally more difficult to learn.

At the first violin music lesson, you will meet a future teacher who will clarify your intentions to attend a music school and your ultimate goal. Depending on the presence of basic skills of the game or the absence of such, a training program will be built. You will try to pick up the instrument correctly and learn how to produce a clear sound. The teacher will introduce you to the basics of a violin playing and inspire you to achieve results.

At Allegro Music School we prefer, mainly, two teaching methodologies: the ABRSM and the Suzuki.

The former is the main stream of knowledge and methodology in UK, and it is also the formal music educational path we suggest to achieve graduation, providing achievements for what you’ve learned starting from the Violin Grade 1 Exam up to the Violin Grade 8 Exam.

The latter is a complementary teaching methodology we use at Allegro Music School to improve the learning capability with regards to rhythm, posture, fingering and bow handling, especially for beginners.