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Combined Lessons

Combined Lessons is a very popular option for two instruments learning solution in one hour. Also a very good option for parents with two kids.

Combined Lessons Piano Violin Viola
Combined Lessons

Combined Lessons is the way to put together two instruments over the same one hour lesson. It combines a mix of violin and piano, viola and piano, violin and viola, piano and piano.

Each lesson lasts 1 hour. Booking this option, you have the advantage of learning two different instruments.

For example, you can combine a 30 minute Piano lesson with a 30 minute Violin lesson. We tailored these lessons for a smooth learning path, but at the same time connecting between two different instruments.

Very popular solution is Combined Lessons Piano 30min and Violin 30min. In one hour you will learn two instruments! The Combined lessons option is very useful for parents who has two kids with different attitude (one wants to play piano, the other one violin) as well.

There is also a convenience from the costs standpoint in choosing the Combined Lessons because in one hour you will have two 30min lessons, but the affordability will earn you savings for 25% of the natural cost of two 30min lessons.

For instance, if you have two kids who wish to learn to play Piano or Violin, or both of them would like to learn to play the same instrument, this is a great opportunity to save you time and money, because in one hour you would get two lessons for £30.00 rather than paying for two different 30 minute lesson £20.00 each.

It is perfectly possible to learn two instruments. It is likely that professional musicians have some degree of proficiency with a second instrument. It has been shown that learning two instruments at once will not affect progression on either instrument in the same way. It can certainly benefit your violin or viola if you already play the piano or if you enjoy playing it.

As explained in our Violin Music Lesson, Viola Music Lesson and Piano Music Lesson pages, there is no reason to apply at combined lessons the same teaching principles coming from the ABRSM programs.

Learning two instruments at the same time is very beneficial. Both can be learned!! If you start on piano, you’ll learn basic theory, so you won’t have to learn the violin at the same time as that.