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Singing Music Lesson

Vocal is the mastery of the singing voice. Anyone can master this skill by signing up for individual singing lessons. The main thing is to choose the right style and the right kind of vocals for yourself. Follow these tips here: Listen to yourself. What do you feel when you sing this or that song? If these are positive feelings […]

Guitar Music Lesson

The guitar was first made in Spain in the 16th century. The English word Guitar, the German word Gitarre and the French word Guitare are derived from the Spanish word Guitarra. Currently, in most languages ​​of the world, the word “guitar” is consonant. Acoustic guitar in the modern world is the main instrument that is used in many genres of […]

Viola Music Lesson

Viola Music Lesson is one of the preferred by Natalya, being her a viola player with over twenty years’ of experience playing in Orchestras and Bands across the world. She played with Symphony and Chamber Orchestras and in chamber groups in the Ukraine and has spent a number of years working with different Cruise Ships Companies. She has got Audiophile […]

Violin Music Lesson

Over the years, Natalya has helped unnumbered people teaching violin music lessons. From the musical posture, technique, site-reading, everything tailored to the most specific needs. Aim of Natalya’s Violin Music Lessons are great fun, effectiveness, and strong commitment. She always wants to deliver on a single lesson everything that she can. Indeed, the sound quality of a violin depends on […]

Piano Music Lesson

Allegro Music School offers one-to-one Piano Music Lesson in Southampton, Hampshire and surroundings for all ages and abilities. Piano Music Lesson at Allegro Music School is a mix of fun and technicalities. Natalya is expressive and committed helping students of all the ages achieving their goals. The word piano is a shortened form of pianoforte, the Italian term for the early 1700s versions […]